breadCommittees at First

Audit Committee
The work of the Audit Committee is to oversee and perform an audit of the First Lutheran Church financial records for the prior year. The audit procedure is largely drawn from the ELCA guide (available online) for congregational audits. This procedure is reflected in the detail of the formal report prepared and submitted by the committee. Once begun, an audit is designed to be completed within weeks. The short-term goal of the Audit Committee is to perform an appropriate and timely audit of the FLC financial records in question and duly report on that audit to the Church Council. The long-term goal is to assure that the scope and form of the annual audit is in keeping with FLC’s needs. This committee is currently comprised of three FLC members, appointed by the church council. The audit committee meets two or three times annually.

Outreach Committee
The goal of the Outreach Committee is to find effective, meaningful ways to utilize a significant gift to the church earmarked to make more people aware of the First Lutheran community and the welcoming nature of our fellowship. This group has essentially evolved into two separately focused committees: the plan development committee, which plans and coordinates such outreach events as musical concerts to benefit specific local charities; and the technology committee, charged with updating the FLC website. Meetings are as needed and task focused.

Property Committee
The Property Committee exists to address immediate and seasonal needs of the entire church property. This can include everything from fixing (or enlisting the aid of professionals, as required, to fix) broken windows, roof leaks, HVAC issues, plumbing, lighting, landscaping, and so on. Longer-range goals include improving energy-efficiency and conservation church-wide as well as trying to anticipate and prepare for property requirements for the next decade and beyond.

Social Ministry
breadThe focus of this subcommittee is to foster growth within FLC by nurturing the programs FLC has to offer, while branching outward in the community on both a local and international scale. From our position on State Line Road, we essentially border two states and both inner city and suburban neighborhoods. From our welcoming position, we can also be equally centric to people of all ages, colors and cultures, and family diversity. This gives us an enviable setting from which to grow as ambassadors for FLC. As a congregation, we have always been a socially involved church, in activities such as serving lunches at Children’s Memorial Church, being on committees for MLM, making house calls for shut-in members, and being involved in Hollis.

Worship & Music
The goal of this committee is to present worship services that are varied and inspiring for those in attendance. This includes exploring a variety of liturgies, anthems, hymns, and worship formats. Keeping those services running smoothly is tasked to numerous members who coordinate lesson readers, children’s sermon givers, worship attendants, ushers, altar guild members, and seasonal decorating. This committee also oversees the planning (and brainstorming!) for special worship planning for Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons and for other occasional services.