Second Sunday in Lent
March 8, 2020
FLC Book Club for 2020: A Great Read Every Month
March 20, 2020

Third Sunday in Lent


Pastor Phil’s Message and Devotion for March 15, 2020 on YouTube

Good morning to the members and friends of First Lutheran Church. This is Pastor Phil Vickers coming to you here from the offices here at First Lutheran. As you all are aware, it’s been a very difficult week with lots of questions to answer. Earlier in the week, your church staff and council had sent out an email saying that we would continue with worship for this Sunday with some precautions regarding the passing of the offering plate and Communion and the sharing of the peace and other matters of personal contact. But after some further reflection and some new information, we decided that in the interest and safety of our members, that the smartest thing would be to not have public worship this upcoming Sunday. It was a difficult decision, but please know that your church staff and your elected officers are doing the best they can to make sure we respond as we should. In this week that we are not able to be together for worship, know that you all are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll miss being able to gather and worship with you. And we’ll be kind of playing it by ear as far as next steps as we continue to look and to listen to the development of the health issue here in our country. And we’re going to be making our decisions on the best advice we can get. So, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time. As one of my friends on Facebook who is also an ordained minister put it, “Please have patience with us, because we have never pastored through a pandemic before.” [To hear the entire sermon, click on the link above.]