Second Sunday after Christmas
January 5, 2020
Second Sunday after Epiphany
January 19, 2020

January 12, 2020—Celebrating 150 Years of Ministry


As this Sunday is the inaugural event in the yearlong anniversary celebration of First Lutheran Church’s 150 years of ministry, we welcome to the pulpit Pastor Keith Hohly, pastor of First from 1988 to 2013 and newly named Pastor Emeritus.

First off, thank you all for the honor and privilege of preaching here as we officially kick off our congregation’s 150th anniversary year. And I want to take a cue this morning from Diane Stafford who about two or three months ago mentioned in worship during the announcement time that this anniversary year is not to be a time for us to look backward to who we have been but to think about who we are now and who we are going forward. And it certainly sounds like that’s has been happening and I want to continue that momentum here in this sermon. I think it’s a vitally important thing to do. So grace and peace to you this day, you crazy kids of God, in the name of our risen lord and savior, Jesus Christ. [To hear the entire sermon, click on the arrow above.]