Fourth Sunday in Lent
March 22, 2020

Member Milestones This Month


April Birthdays:
April 3:
Adelyn Bunten
April 4:
Analeise Heymach, Scarlett Schumer
April 5:
Peter Strobel
April 7:
Claire Leavens
April 8:
Jonathan Galvin
April 10:
Amanda Legler
April 11:
Jesse Peterson-Brandt
April 13:
Micah Peterson-Brandt
April 16:
Jason Greenawalt
April 18:
Bethany DePugh
April 20:
Logan Reid
April 21:
Laura Whaley
April 24:
Shirley Petersen
April 27:
Anita Martin
April 30:
Anna Marie Galvin

April Anniversaries
April 5:
Janet & John Taylor
April 11:
Laurie & Austin Olson
April 14:
Whitney & James Lindsey
April 16:
James Trefz & Tony Moellman

If you have a birthday or anniversary this month that is not listed here (or is incorrect), that means your date is not in the church database. Please contact the church office with the correct information.