First Sunday in Lent
March 10, 2019
Third Sunday in Lent
March 24, 2019

Second Sunday in Lent


“The Woman Who Fell From the Sky.” It was what playwright Victor Hugo Rascón Banda called his play about a woman named Rita. In 1983, Rita was noticed rummaging through trash bins looking for food in Johnson City, Kansas, oddly dressed in what looked like homemade brightly colored clothing. She didn’t respond to any questions in English but spoke in what observers called gibberish, in a mess of incomprehensible sound. A Spanish interpreter was summoned and Rita knew enough Spanish to tell them that she came from heaven. Besides looking for food, Rita spent her time chanting and dancing. It would turn out against all odds, that Rita was from the Copper Canyon of Mexico, nearly a thousand miles from Johnson City. No one would ever find out how she made the trip. [To hear the entire sermon, click on the arrow above.]