Holy Trinity Sunday
June 16, 2019
Third Sunday after Pentecost
June 30, 2019

Second Sunday after Pentecost


Note: The presiding minister for this Sunday was Heather Yerion-Keck.

We’ve all had that moment, when we felt like we have arrived in the middle of the conversation. We are left to quickly reshuffle your thoughts and plans and try to figure out what we’ve just walked into. There is the temptation to want to say, “What are we talking about?” or “Can you give me just a minute?” But that usually is not an option. This is the kind of moment where we find Jesus in today’s gospel. This has already been an odd day for Jesus and his disciples. They set sail across the sea of Galilee, where Jesus fell asleep in the boat. And then a storm arises that frightens these very experienced fishermen to the point of fearing that they are going to drown. [To hear the entire sermon, click on the arrow above.]