Seventh Sunday after Epiphany
February 24, 2019
Second Sunday in Lent
March 17, 2019

First Sunday in Lent


The coming-of-age story has for thousands of years been a common genre in the stories that people tell. It’s the story that celebrates and establishes the identity of the hero and tells the story of how they came to be the people that they are. And so Leonidas has to leave the safety of Sparta to go and hunt the wolf before he will be considered king. So Telemachus must leave Ithaca and his mother in order that he will have the authority of more than a child in the absence of Odysseus. So Abram has to leave his country and his father and go to the land that God is showing him so that he can inherit the blessings of the covenant. Today’s gospel in a certain sense represents that kind of story for Jesus. [To hear the entire sermon, click on the arrow above.]