First Sunday after Christmas Day
December 30, 2018
Baptism of Our Lord
January 13, 2019

Epiphany of Our Lord


Back in the days before Google maps, in the days when some parts of the world were not known to other parts, it was very common for people to make great guesses about what might lie just over the horizon, and for the people who made maps to utilize the stories that they heard told by travelers in order to do their work. Ancient maps made claims about the locations of things like dragons and the location of gold and spices, and even the location of the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Eden usually on maps being located about as far away as you can get from where you are. The 1800s especially saw a lot of scholars debating the location of Eden. David Livingston claimed that Eden was located at the source of the Nile in Zambia. Others claimed … [To hear the entire sermon, click on the arrow above.]