Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
July 7, 2019
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
July 14, 2019

Member Milestones This Month


July Birthdays

July 1: Sarah Freshnock, Keith Hohly
July 2:
Keith Terry
July 3:
Lynn Thiel
July 4:
USA! Let Freedom Ring!
July 5:
Gus Scharnhorst, Bob Thesman
July 6:
Steven Wolfe
July 9:
Andrew Joliff
July 10:
Cecelia Ball, Jim Pyle
July 13:
Anthony Ball
July 14:
Daniel Messina
July 17:
Joseph Bartling
July 18:
Brecken Schumer
July 21:
Melanie Stevens
July 22:
Robert Johnson
July 23:
Ross Newman, Aria Singer
July 27:
Carol Denes
July 28:
Benjamin Strobel, Timothy Strobel
July 30:
Annabel Burkhardt, Jessica Newman
July 31:
J.D. Perkins

July Anniversaries

July 7: Bev and Mike Bellinger
July 13:
Cheryl and Phil Vickers
July 20:
Suzanne and Joe Bartling, Silvy and Robert Brookby
July 23:
Anne and Keith Wiedenkeller
July 24:
Monica Dietrich and Pete Veenstra
July 31:
J.D. Perkins and Joe Hudec

If you have a birthday or anniversary this month that is not listed here (or is incorrect), that means your date is not in the church database. Please contact the church office with the correct information.