Reformation Sunday
October 28, 2018
All Saints Sunday
November 4, 2018

Member Milestones This Month


November Birthdays

November 3: Diane Doran
November 5: Bev Bellinger
November 6: Clair Welsh
November 7: AnneMarie Ball
November 8: Nicholas Ratterman
November 9: Joan Leavens
November 14: Howard Breeding, Grant Schumer
November 16: Tony Moellman
November 17: George Heymach III, Phil Vickers
November 23: Debra Hohly
November 24: Carol Stevens

November Anniversary

November 28: Ali and Jon Bunten

If you have a birthday or anniversary this month that is not listed here (or is incorrect), that means your date is not in the church database. Please contact the church office with the correct information.