The Holy Trinity
June 11, 2017
Third Sunday after Pentecost
June 25, 2017

Second Sunday after Pentecost


At Christ Chapel at Southern Seminary, John Largen, the pastor of our Seminary Community—in the middle of his sermon—led us outside through the glass doors that separated the worship space from the courtyard, where he produced a set of garden shears; and he trimmed back a hedge that had overgrown its allotment to reveal three bricks in the wall of the chapel that were all different colors from each other and from the surrounding bricks. He went on to explain how one of the bricks was from the rubble outside Golgotha where Christ died. One was from Mars Hill where Paul once stood and preached to all of Athens and for his labors received so pitifully few converts that they are listed by name in scripture: Dionysius the Areopagite and a woman named Damaris. And the other brick … [To hear more, click on the link above.]