Reformation Sunday
October 29, 2017
Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost
November 12, 2017

All Saints’ Day


Today’s festival is the completion of what the old church called All Hallows Tide. It begins with All Hallows Eve, the night in which Christians are able to poke fun at the powers of darkness and death precisely because they are defeated in Christ. It continues with All Saints’ Day. In some parts of the Christian church, All Saints’ Day is only for the official beatified saints of the church. And November 2 is celebrated as All Souls’ Day and is the day to remember those who have died but who are not saints. But here in the Lutheran Church, we understand that the only thing that makes a person a saint is one’s unity with Christ in faith and baptism and so we have no need of the second day. [To hear more, click on the link above.]